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Q&A with Denisha Hendricks

Kentucky State University


Game Plan: Leadership
Providing Direction
In NCAA Division III programs, coaches are often at very different levels of experience. Mentoring and motivating them entails a unique strategy.
Game Plan Risk Management
Danger Zone
Sport practices need to be full of challenging and dynamic drills. But sometimes coaches can go too far.


Floor Factors
Before purchasing a new gym floor, consider the latest developments in what's underfoot: evolving subfloor systems, new standards, and the use of green materials.
Progressive Programs
Accepting the Challenge
At the University of Oregon, student-athletes are learning the art of teamwork and communication through a for-credit class called, "The Leadership Challenge."
Timeless Lessons
Encouraging your coaches to take a page from the Wizard of Westwood can turn them into teachers, and have a profound effect.
Breaking New Ground
How do you transform an athletic program from an afterthought to a success story? At Stony Brook University, a comprehensive and detailed fundraising strategy has been one of the shovels helping to break new ground.
Cover Story
Better Scores
At just about every level of play, tougher academic standards are being put in place or at least discussed. Schools are responding with exciting and innovative support programs.

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